Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Reading

Oh I have just been pathetic this summer when it comes to reading! I haven't felt much like doing it at all. Unfortunately, it has not stopped me from buying books so my nightstand overfloweth. :)

I have managed to finish a few that I will share with you guys.

I know what you are thinking, Stephen King cue the eye roll. One thing I really think is misunderstood about him is he doesn't always write about supernatural monsters-sometimes his monsters are human, and sometimes they aren't even technically monsters. This book brought up some very interesting questions. If you could go back in time and change events, would you? Would you be able to kill someone you knew was evil to say prevent the assassination of JFK? As the main character of this story finds out sometimes when you try to do better and change history, it changes other things as well. I listened to this story on audiobook and thought it was narrated very well, with Maine accents and everything. An interesting, thought-provoking subject.

Now I'm not usually one for apocalyptic stories, however I found this one very interesting. The title was included on a list of books you couldn't put down and I found that to be very true. I don't usually like to start a series because I know I'll have to read the other books to find out what happens, but I will be continuing this one. I don't think with everything going on in the world today that something like this is out of the realm of possibility. I was right along with them as they prepared, especially their last minute shopping trips when the end of the world was coming-I took notes! :)

Unfortunately, I think I accidentally read somewhere who the killer was in this book so it kind of spoiled it for me a little bit. There were really 2 mysteries ongoing in this story and only one really got solved. I do think it was very well-written for a mystery novel, dense but well-written.

Any good titles that you have found this summer?


  1. Because I am awake at this ridiculous hour #insomniaisannoying #iamexercising #iveneverdrunkcoffeeoralcohol (drinken? drunk sounds so odd there) ...
    I am curious to see what you think of the rest of the Life As We Knew It series. And Tana French! Familiar with both of them. ;)

  2. Thanks for the book suggestions. The last two have piqued my interest:)

  3. That second one interests me. Glad you found some good reads!