Monday, January 18, 2016

Changing the Details in The Three Little Pigs

We all know the story of the three little pigs. And I enjoy that story. Certainly as a teacher, I believe that taking the easy way out is not always the most effective way, so there's a great lesson to be learned there. Over the years I have discovered new versions of old fairy tales and very much enjoy sharing those with my kiddos. This past week we read:

After reading the stories, discovering the patterns in them and comparing/contrasting the details. I asked the students to write their own version of a 3 Little ______ story. Who would be chasing the characters? What would they make their houses out of? They were really creative in their answers.

The 3 Little Princesses being chased by a witch. They built their houses out
 of jewels, crayons and glass.

The 3 Little Chicks-chased by a cow-they built their houses out of boots, 
hay and horseshoes.

The 3 Little Snowmen-chased by a bird. They built their houses out of
berries, glue and carrots.

The 3 Little Blueberries, chased by a kangaroo making their homes out of
grasslands, grapes and watermelons.

3 Little Rabbits being chased by a cat.

3 Little Noodles-made their homes out of pots, pans and spoons.

The 3 Little Cats chased by the Big Bad Dog

The 3 Little Mermaids-chased by a shark. They made their homes out of seaweed,
sand and a shipwreck.

The 3 Little Cookies being chased by a mouse.

We discovered that you can change the details, but the framework of the story can still remain intact. :)


  1. I love fractured fairy tales too. There are some new ones in your list that I don't know - but will have to check out.

  2. These are absolutely adorable!

  3. These are great. You've found some wonderful versions of the story that I've never seen before.