Sunday, August 28, 2016

If I Were a Parent....

Well, it has been a very interesting first week of school for us. We have a whole new administration team, so lots of changes to get used to. I actually only have 11 students in my class right now. My principal has been moving them out of my class all week and since they are new, I no longer have an inside track to what their plan may be. I've been on pins and needles all week waiting for them to say they were going to close my class, however in the meantime we are just having a blast! We have gotten so much done already-every activity takes half the time it used to. We have our workstation routines down, I'm almost done assessing them. A very interesting week indeed!

I read them the Kissing Hand. And I introduced them to the concept of multiple perspectives. I literally get up on the table and look around the room from that perspective-how different the world looks from up there. Then I ask them to pretend they are a parent. If they were dropping their child off at school for the first day and he/she was nervous--what would they do. Our first writing activity of the year....


  1. Why are they removing kids from your class? Anyway, 11 sounds lovely. Imagine what you could do with only 11. :)

  2. Who knows? The conspiracy theorist in me thinks it's so they could close my classroom-I've just been waiting for that other shoe to fall. But yes, 11 has really been exciting-if they let me keep that number we'll be reciting Shakespeare by the end of the year, we can get so much done!