Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Raising Morale on Monday

My Student Council meetings have been the highlight of my week this year. The students all have such great ideas of how to improve our school and our community. Usually I get a few-well, if we had all-day recess or less homework. But this year all their suggestions have been for others. They wanted to throw a party for our custodians. They wanted to give every homeless person a pet so they wouldn't be lonely anymore (need some tissues yet?). 

One thing we decided we could do for the teachers without a lot of expense was to wish them a Happy Monday. So the students came in early, we posted ourselves at the main entrance and every time a teacher came in the students assailed them with cheers and well-wishes. Some of the staff members were surprised, some were confused-but all of them walked away with a smile on their faces to start their Monday morning off right.

Here are some of the signs they made (we hung them in the lounge when we were done).

And here's the cheer they did:

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  1. That's very sweet. You're doing great things with those kids.