Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hashtag Awards

Let's face it--this generation is growing up in a completely different world than the one we grew up in. 21st Century Learners has become cliche but we are preparing our kiddos for a world of technology being used on a daily basis and they need to know the vocabulary.

When I was doing their awards this year I thought to myself-maybe I should just do #awards! For example: #futurepresident,  #futureFridaKahlo, #classfashionista, #stellarspeller. I didn't get my act together in time to create something for my students before our awards day so I asked the students to make their own certificates and create their own hashtags (or tic-tac-toe boards as they call them) to describe themselves. Now let me preface this by saying, I would usually send them back to sound out their words better but we just have so much going on right now I just wrote their dictations for many of them. I also cropped their names out so I know it's hard to get the full picture of the frames they made.

This is my future rock star (he's already a ZZ Top fan) so this one was perfect.


We just read Ramona the Pest where the teacher tells her to "sit here for the present" so we just talked about what that word means. She said she's here every day so #present



#bffsandbooks--that about sums up a Kindergarten experience! :)

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  1. Oh that last one is pretty special. I also like #happyface!