Sunday, June 18, 2017


I know moms are often the parent we deal with most often when it comes to our students. But I think it's important to consciously include our dads in classroom activities. Even though we are not in school for Father's Day, we do a Dad's Rock Celebration where the students read either a biography they wrote about their father or a poem. I tried to get my colleagues to participate in this as well but they said their dads won't come. I had 24 out of 25 families represented this year. Sometimes it was a grandparent stepping in, but that student was represented. You don't know until you invite them! And even if 2 dads show up-that's 2 dads that can share in their child's classroom experiences.

We also take a field trip to a local baseball park-they have tours where you can sit in the dugout, press box, VIP area-we usually get several dads who want to chaperone that trip. :) 

Some of my favorite books about Dads:

Shopping trip with dad turns into a bit of an adventure.

 If I were you and you were me.....Dad and his little girl ruminate about what it would be like to be in each other's shoes. This is on Tumblebooks if you have an account with your public library you can access it with you library card.

A classic and a pretty easy read for your beginning readers.

Is there anything Dads can't do? :) This is a really cute story.

LOVE this beautiful book by Eric Carle about a little girl who asks her dad for the moon and he gets it for her.

Based on the song-Just the Two of Us building castles in the sky.

And if you need a chapter book:

Dad takes a little too long when he goes out to get milk so he weaves an unbelievable tale of why he took so long.

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