Saturday, July 28, 2018

Books Every Teacher Should Read

I know as teachers we have limited leisure time. We read a lot for school whether it be previewing a book we will use with our students or for PD purposes. These, however are my recommendations for books we can read to better understand our students.

I checked this book out from the library and may owe them money to repair the tear-stained pages. What a touching story about how we need to have understanding for those students who always seem to be trying our patience.

I can't wait to share this book with my students-but I also think it's an important read for teachers. Things we may not realize shake a student's confidence-things that make them feel different-we need to make all students feel welcome.

Melody has cerebral palsy. In the beginning of the story she has trouble communicating so teachers underestimate how smart she is. She has good teachers and bad teachers. I think we can learn to look past a student's deficiencies and focus on their strengths.

A great book that shows how hard learning English can be. A student's life is completely changed by a move to America and he needs extra help assimilating. 

Zinkoff is an unusual child. Some of his teachers get him, some don't. He enters school with an enthusiasm and passion for learning but some teachers end up discouraging those qualities. We can learn from those teachers and remember that next time we have a Zinkoff in our class.

I love this book for many reasons. It's about a refugee from Africa and his attempt to learn how to get along in America. It's about cultural differences (he is so excited to have his own desk at school) and language differences (he puts the dishes in the washing machine when his relative asks him to wash them). It's a reminder of how many of our students will have trouble even simply understanding what we are saying.

Told from the perspective of a child with serious reading difficulties. A reminder that all students learn at a different pace and putting us in the shoes of a student who struggles.

What are your favorite books to recommend to other teachers?

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