Thursday, January 31, 2019

Vocabulary Runway Show

We know vocabulary is an important skill when students are learning how to read. If they can read a word, but still don't know what that word means then they won't have effective comprehension. I try to teach several new words to my students every day and nothing makes my heart swell like hearing them use those words correctly.

Every year we do a Vocabulary Runway Show. I assign a word to each student (most of them are adjectives that they can implement in their writing).  Some of the words this year were: ancient, glamorous, wealthy, noble, zany and incognito. They dress up like the word and recite a definition in their own words and a sentence giving an example of one use for the word. What I love about this activity is that they aren't just learning their own word-they are learning everyone else's words as well. I will be reading a story a month from now and they will recognize a word and be able to picture how that student was dressed-so they know what the word means.

Here are some pics from this year:

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