Saturday, April 6, 2019

My Favorite Egg Books

Tis the season for books about eggs! These are some of my favorite read-alouds for this time of year.

Not just about laying eggs, but also about noticing all the little things we forget to be grateful for--the green of the grass, the buttery yellow of dandelions. Until she lays an egg and it's truly extraordinary!

I love reading this story aloud because the different chicks have different dialects-I can do a French accent, a Southern one. The cat has dreams of omelets but has trouble luring poultry to lay him some eggs. A good book for problem solving as well.

A classic, I know. But I love stories about eggs that hatch something unexpected. Jessica finds a pebble that hatches a "chicken" (really it's an alligator). Leading to an unexpected friendship.

Duck and Goose squabble over who gets to raise the baby that hatches out of an egg they found. Except a bit of a surprise at the end-I love to see if the kids figure it out.

A non-fiction story all about the different kinds of eggs. Eggs are colorful. Eggs are clever. I even learned some new facts reading this book!

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