Sunday, October 6, 2019

All Are Welcome

We read this amazing story:

...and wrote about how we could welcome a new friend into our class.

Kids are naturals at making friends. I am in awe of them on the playground-just walking up to another child and saying "wanna play?". I wish it was that easy for adults. :) 

I have always believed that making relationships with your classroom community is of the utmost importance. This comes from routines and. In the morning we sing Rise and Shine by Dr. Jean and each child greets the next around the circle. We use names and we make eye contact. At the end of the day we sing Skinamarink a dink a dink to say goodbye.

I really think these structures help us develop a sense of community in our classroom and if we were to get a new student today they would be welcomed with open arms.

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