Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Invisible Boy Reading Response

Our district schedule has us spending the first 20 minutes of our day on SEL skills. This is something that I will continue even after we are no longer virtual learners. I love the discussions we have been able to have about feelings and dealing with stress. We also talk a lot about including everyone. One of the articles that I read recently that really sticks with me is how dangerous it is for students to be alone at school. A student with no friends has a much higher chance of suicide and drug abuse. One of my favorite books to start this discussion is: 

The story is about a shy boy who feels invisible. Even his teacher doesn't see him. My favorite part of the book is the author has his character in gray until he starts being included-then he is in color. A great book to begin discussions on inclusion.

This one took my breath away. What an amazing representation.

To be in teams at recess

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