Saturday, August 13, 2022

Consider New Back-To-School Reads

I completely understand having books that you are familiar with-that you see as classics. But I also wanted to give you some suggestions of books that are more recent, more diverse and help us represent our students and their families. Now I want to be clear-I am not saying don't read First Day Jitters, No David or The Kissing Hand-what I am saying is think about adding some more modern stories to your read-alouds for the first week. There are many new titles that feature more diverse characters and stories.


Our names are part of our identities-we need to make sure we call people what they prefer to be called.

A beautiful story of a little girl learning the meaning of her name.

Love this one to introduce Multiple Perspectives. School is so excited for school to begin until the students come and hate school.

A message I think every school should make sure students realize.

A book in English but with some Spanish words. Fun story about Isabel and the problem she has the first day.

Another book about the importance of learning how to correctly pronounce people's names.

I LOVE this fun story about the power in ruling the playground.

Everyone is nervous the first day of school, this reassures students it will all be ok.

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