Saturday, January 29, 2011

Enrichment Club

We started Saturday tutorials at our school-getting kids ready for upcoming state testing. I decided to hold what for lack of a better name, I call "Enrichment Club". The GT kids are doing art/poetry in the 1st hour and learning to play chess in the second. I think I had as much fun as the students did! One of the first things cut in education is the arts-these kids didn't even know what primary colors were. But they learned today!

Every training I go to that for GT education talks about teaching kids to play chess. The only problem is, there's not enough time in the day as it is. I was really excited to start sharing strategies with these 1st through 4th Graders. Some of them were intimidated at first and it took some time for them to understand how to play (and to stop calling the Knight a horse! :) ) but I really think they enjoyed it. What a great critical thinking activity

Here are our paintings. We painted like Joan Miro.

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