Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ruby's Biography

My only child is a canine one. I guess I talk about her in class a lot. Sometimes the kids will come in on a Monday and say "what did Ruby do this weekend?" -which always cracks me up-don't ask about your teacher or anything? :)  Sometimes I think they do it to stall a lesson, but I always fall for it-because who doesn't like telling stories about their children? I was showing parents the following example at a parent meeting and they said "oh, we know about Ruby". One of them even wished Ruby and I both a Merry Christmas on our holiday card which made me smile. I guess it's fair, I do tell Ruby all about them too.

I got these really cool blank hardcover books at Lakeshore. The kids in my class are going to write autobiographies and we'll have an Author's Tea later this year. I had to try one out to see what medium would work best-crayons, markers, etc. So I asked my students to write a biography of Ruby. It amazes me how much they remember about what I've told them! I think it came out just too cute!!!!

One of the girls made a "sock" flower for her. Ruby does love socks!

(The picture I showed them last year even had her wrapped up in blue blanket-talk about remembering details).

The text says "her Daddy loves her"-my Dad doesn't have any other grandchildren to spoil. I love the bubble with those words as well.

Playing with her cousins.

Whew! What big eyes you have! If only there was a mascara to give me those lashes.

Love the puppy manicure. I guess Ruby must be part princess!

We're working on reading back through your work to edit. I'm probably the only person in the world who asked for socks for Christmas-I have trouble finding any in my house without holes in them.

Again with the eyes. I guess it's good they see me that way instead of with sleepy eyes.                          

She drew in pieces of chicken for her to sleep with-that's the life isn't it?

This one has to be my favorite. She's actually sliding down the slide. Ruby would probably do that if I'd let her!

They had a little debate over what a jungle gym was-see, even got some new vocabulary in.

I guess I'm channeling a little Princess Leia here.

Love the flip flops!

What a feeling to be on top of the world!

My second favorite. We really do sit out in the yard (basically because she's stubborn and won't get up to come in). But I think we need to take more moments like this just to watch the stars.

I'll treasure my little book. They wanted to write MY biography next but that makes me a little nervous. They might remember, but I don't remember what kinds of stories I've told them. :)
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