Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Classroom Themes

I frequent several different teaching forums and it amazes me that this concept is so controversial. I guess there are many out there who think having a theme  is just "fluff". I've always had themes to decorate my classroom with, if nothing else, it gives me direction. Changing things up each year gives different kiddos different experiences and honestly, I get tired of looking at the same thing all year. You can also make it educational-I've done China as a class theme, this August it's going to be New York City (is it sad I've had the borders in the trunk of my car already for about 4 months? :) What can I say, I get excited for a new batch of kiddos!

We've had Hollywood, the Ocean, Pirates as well-I do have some pics.

This was China-we had a "Great Wall of Writing" as well:


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  1. Where did you get the supplies for the panda board?

  2. I got them at Teacher Heaven. It was bamboo border and the pandas were notepads. :)

  3. Thanks! It looks like the bamboo was a separate piece that you could clip on. What did you use for that? Did you cut out each stalk?

    1. It's just the border hanging down. I did cut some shorter so it wouldn't be so symmetrical. It actually held up pretty well, even with them unclipping the words all the time.

  4. Where did you get the panda face boxes in your red bookshelf? They are adorable!

  5. I actually think they came from the Container Store.