Sunday, July 3, 2011

Social Contract

(I know I cut it off because I didn't want their names to show-but the last 2 are "Follow the Rules" and "Care About the World".)

This was the first year I implemented one of the these and I just love how well it worked for my kiddos. I even had the kids make one up for the summer school class I took.

The first week of school we are discussing rules and procedures. We sit down as a class and write the contract together. The kids make the suggestions and I write them all down. Then we go through and see what we can condense. Saying "Be Kind" instead of no hitting/kicking/fighting, etc. Then the kids take turns writing the poster and signing it. Each person who comes into our room also has to sign that they will abide by the contract. We had everyone from our administrators to teaching aides to even our School Board Representative. Whenever we had a new student it gave us an opportunity to review the classroom standards. One of my students even wrote about the contract at the end of the year-how it inspired her to be a better person. It was a very helpful tool in my class this year. I think it's something families can even make to use at home as well!
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  1. I use something similar, but I adore the kids' writing on it. Way better than my printed one that they sign. Happy 4th
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  2. I love using a Social Contract in my class also. Since the students create it themselves, they have more ownership over it and therefore are more likely to follow it.