Friday, March 2, 2012


I am always looking for a way for my students to create different kinds of products to publish their work. This week we tried our hand at claymation. Very, very primitive compared to what's out there these days-but they are also Kindergartners. We are doing a Dr. Seuss unit this week, so they were to create two Seuss-like characters and create a simple story. They drew the background setting as well. We put the camera on a table to snap the pics-this way it was steady and didn't move too much. These are a few that we have done so far:
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  1. Love it! Can you tell me how you took the still pics and made it into a movie? My 1st grader is all about making a movie using characters.


  2. We took the pics with a digital camera and then loaded them into Picasa (that was what was recommended to me, but I understand you can also use Moviemaker or even basic Powerpoint). I set it to 1 second transitions between slides because it was the lowest that it would go. Next time I'll definitely have the kids record narration to go with them. Good luck! Sounds like your kiddo is a creative one!

  3. Thanks. He is so ready to actually make one. I am tech challenged, but will find a way to figure it out. All the Dr. Seuss has really upped his desire to create what he saw on our street:)