Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fireflies Light Up Because....

I really try to find any opportunity to make my kids think about a topic. We read the Very Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle (love the surprise ending there-if your book is not worn out). And another book called Fireflies about a boy who catches a bunch of them and then decides to let them go because they need to be free.

My question to the students was "why does a firefly light up?". They wrote their answers and then fingerpainted a few insects with their thumbs.

"because they are called a firefly"-I'm surprised he didn't add a "helllllooooo" at the end of that sentence, I mean it's so obvious.


in the night they can see what's that noise.

because that's why they can show the city when it's night. When it's sunning they don't light up.

he wants to be free.

My favorite: because they can communicate and see and survive.

It can be a night light.

so they can see at night and so they can play.

So they can see where they are flying.
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