Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Favorite "Just for Fun" Books

I think it's important for kids to know sometimes we can just read a book for fun! We don't necessarily have to do activities to go with it and think deeply about the big idea. We can just enjoy the story as I think many writers of children's books intend. These are my favorite "just for fun" titles:

1. The Pigeon books:

      I have never had a class who didn't go crazy for these books. Yes, you can teach about punctuation and reading with voice--but they really love to get to the part where he yells a bit! We've all known kids who act just like the pigeon and I think the kids can even see themselves in that character.

2. Punk Farm     - how can you lose with a cover band of animals singing their version of Old MacDonald Had a Farm--amps and all! It even ends with "Thank you Wisconsin". Just a fun, enjoyable story.

3. Otis  - this one does have a message, but it's also a very sweet story about a hard-working tractor who was replaced for the new and improved version.

4. Hello-Goodbye Window  - very well-written book about visiting your grandparents. Just a poignant, put-a-smile-on-your-face story.

5. Chicks and Salsa     - this one makes me hungry every time I read it. The chickens on the farm get a hankering for some salsa and use some ingenuity to make it. I love the ending although you have to introduce the kids to what crepes are! Ooh la la!

6. Baby Shoes - a book of rollicking rhyming fun about new shoes that don't stay new-looking for very long (as always happens with shoes).

7. Duck Soup    - a little mix-up when Duck tries to make soup and his friends are afraid he fell in.

8. Hooray for Harry - a cute little story about stuffed animals trying to remember where they put their blanket. The last illustration is just so cute--it will inspire some awwwwww's from the kiddos.

I know there are more-but these are few that hopefully have inspired my little readers to love reading and have fun with it.
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