Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tree of Life Interpretation

I love Klimt's tree in his painting The Tree of Life:

I asked the kids in the class to discuss what they thought he meant by that title and what characteristics of the tree expressed that Big Idea. Now, for some of the kiddos this idea sounded better in my head than it turned out in practice. :) I was impressed with what some of them came up with, however. I asked them to use a different "Big Idea" and create their tree with tissue paper showing the details of that interpretation. 

Tree of Texas-we do have our state pride! :)

Tree of Animals (I love the details with the tissue paper).

Tree of Love

Rainbow Tree

Tree of God

Tree of Firefighters

Firefighters are important because to get you out of fires. (Very proud of this kiddo, finally starting to make that connection for sounding out words!).

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