Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I Do Ask Them To Be Creative.....

We are doing a "Poetry Celebration" this month. The kids write their own poems and we invite parents to our little celebration where the kids read their poems aloud. We started our rough drafts and I had some great ideas flowing: one about the stars, one called "Flower, Flower" (does that sound like a poet or what), an ode to a new bike. I think this student may have to tweak this topic a little bit before we present to our parents:

Two boys go walking, the second one does the talking and their underwears fell off.

Gotta love 'em and their obsession with underwear!
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  1. put a smile on my face. Love poetry in the classroom and out for kiddos.

  2. Glad to make you smile. I had to stifle a laugh myself when he brought it up to me to read. They are just so cute sometimes. Thanks for your comments, I really appreciate it! :)