Saturday, February 16, 2013

Post Valentine's Wrap-Up

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To do a Valentine's recap of our class events. We really didn't do anything too exciting this year. Technically we are not allowed to have a "party" and I posted earlier in the week about my new way to handle a Valentine exchange with the kiddos-we didn't have one. :) Instead the kids made cards for a nursing home, which they were absolutely delighted to receive. Here's one I thought was just darling:

I received some lovely gifts from my thoughtful students. Here is a pic of the flowers and a mug.

We made cards for all our support staff:

We did make strawberry smoothies (or smoo-vies as they are pronounced by 5-year olds :). Half the class liked them, half didn't. We did keep them super-healthy, using only strawberries and milk-no ice cream or sugar.

And we did do some actual work too! They created new symbols for Valentine's day, we read some good books like the Biggest Kiss (ewwwww, as remarked by 5-year olds), The Day It Rained Hearts and a new one that I just discovered I Loathe You (they are monsters, so that's their term of endearment).

Overall, a fun day! 

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