Monday, February 25, 2013

What Jazz Looks Like

None of my munchkins had ever heard of jazz music before. It is kind of before their time. :) Let's face it, these kids don't know what records were, much less CD's-they think music comes from phones! We learned about Louis Armstrong and how he was basically saved from a life of crime by that saxophone a police officer had given him. Then we read the book Duke Ellington which I love because it even talks about the different colors that the different instruments can make you think of.

I played some jazz for the kids and asked them to close their eyes and paint what it made them see. Here are the results:

Makes me think of home.

is wonderful, I feel good, I play it a day wonderful.

Makes me happy and sad.

I know the quality of the pic stinks-but this is my favorite answer. "It makes me think of a fancy restaurant".

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  1. Thank you Barbara! They had fun with it. Now they keep asking if everything they hear is jazz. They asked about Pete the Cat the other day (we watch the videos from YouTube)-I thought he does kind of have a jazzy feel to him! :)