Friday, October 3, 2014

A Girl President?

First of all I wanted to share this. I get drawings from at least one kiddo practically every morning. My gallery on my closet doors is getting very crowded! A little girl made this for me. I love the detail. I've been walking with a cane for my injured knee-she even included that in the picture and although I'm not blonde, I do wear my hair up practically every day! :)

So we read the book Grace for President:

Which is a cute story about a girl who is outraged by the fact that there has never been a girl President of the United States. She campaigns and the book actually goes into pretty good detail about how our elections work. (Our Social Studies objectives right now are about that process, would be better closer to November, I know).

So I asked the kids to think about why they thought we had not had a female President yet. And then they wrote their opinion-should we have one? Here's what they came up with.

Look at those muscles!

they are nice.

We just need one.

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