Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ethics and Holidays

I've been trying to work with my students on the concept of Ethics from Kaplan's Depth and Complexity. It's a hard question for younger students to understand. Even though they understand right and wrong, they don't really understand what to do with the gray areas. For example, we can have a discussion about how stealing is wrong, but then when I bring up the Jean Valjean issue-what if you are stealing food because you are starving? They don't know what to do with that-their brains are thinking "what's the right answer".

We have been talking about celebrations in our Social Studies objectives and this time of year we have a lot of different holidays that people celebrate. So my question to them was: is it fair to have this many holidays when there are people who can't afford to buy things for them? They can't afford the turkey, tree or presents-is that right?

We are still working on the concept and making an argument, but I think the ideas are coming along!

My favorite answer! I'm not sure where she got this idea from-I'm actually a vegetarian! :)

My 2nd favorite--he said it's right because it's a good opportunity to donate to poor people.

wrong because on New Year's people don't have food.

It's right but she'll feel sorry for them.

Wrong because it's mean to buy something when others can't.

right because it's fun.

right because we are allowed to go in the school (she said she was talking about getting the Thanksgiving lunch we do at school).

Wrong because we don't learn when we are off of school

Right because I love holidays.

Wrong because people do not have money.

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