Tuesday, November 11, 2014

I Love Parents

My first day back since my knee surgery was yesterday and it was a very lllooonnngg day. :) I would have posted this last evening but I literally got my ice, climbed into bed and did not leave it until this morning.

These are my new best friends! I hate it because it slows me down quite a bit and makes even a trip to ancillary more challenging-but the kiddos love vying for the position of wheelchair pusher! :)

I have always been pretty lucky with supportive parents. All but 3 families were represented at my Open House this year. I had parents who attended my book club. They check the class website. While I was off I received at least one e-mail a day from one of the parents just saying "hope you're doing well", "take it easy" and "we're praying for you". 

Then this is what I saw on my desk when I got there yesterday:

How sweet! And the flowers are not even from a current student-they were given to me by a family-I taught 3 of their kiddos in the past 3 years. I got letters from the kiddos:

do you fill butter? :) And I know what she meant, but it still made me chuckle.

(forgive the Halloween paper-I was not there to make copies to switch out in our writing station)

My bucket filler!

I know teachers I read a lot about issues teachers have with their parents, but I have always had the best experiences! Just lucky I guess! :)

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  1. I'm so thankful you're being taken care of. Good job kids and parents!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First