Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Uses for Snow

One of my favorite creativity activities is to ask the students to come up with new uses for things. The first one we usually do is with a paper clip. Sure, paper clips can clip papers, but what else can they do? They can open soda cans, they can make cute earrings, they can help keep a skirt closed when your zipper breaks, etc. We do this activity periodically throughout the year with different objects. It's actually a good challenge for the kiddos to stretch their thinking-hard to come up with new ways sometimes.

Well, I know most of the country is really tired of the word "snow" right now, but we did new uses for snow. What, besides making snowballs and snowmen could we use snowflakes for? Here's what they came up with: cool hot dogs

for a bookmark (they are super into bookmarks right now for some reason)

to make a cake

a dress

to make a timer

to make rainbows

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1 comment :

  1. My favorite might be "to cool a hot dog." Brilliant. :)