Wednesday, January 6, 2016


So yesterday was the first day back for the kiddos and I think they genuinely missed school! :) They were full of stories and descriptions of presents and trips. They asked about what Santa brought Ruby (bagel treats, in case you wanted to know).

Our vocabulary word was "resolution". We talked about what it meant. I gave them some examples of resolutions grown-ups make. Then I asked them to write about their resolutions in their journals. I didn't take any picks but I thought I'd share some of their answers.

My New Year's resolution is to.....

have a baby.
be a scientist.
be a veterinarian.
go to Wal-Mart

Now there were a few who got it and said.....

work on writing not all uppercase letters.
read more.
listen to Miss Trayers.

I'm not sure I was successful in getting across the true meaning of resolutions. They took it more as what do I want to be when I grow up. :)

My resolutions? So glad you asked. 
1) Try to waste less time in having to redirect behavior. I have a new conduct system to try.
2) Spend more time on handwriting skills.
3) Do a better job with making school fun for the kiddos.
4) Do a better job doing regular science experiments. (I teach science objectives every week, but often don't have hands-on activities to go with them).
5) Be more organized!!! I cringed at the pics from our last parent activity-we were a mess.

I hope everyone is enjoying their kiddos as much as I am back from vacation!

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