Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dad's Rock Celebration

Here in the South school ends before June starts. So we don't have an opportunity to celebrate Father's Day. Since we do a Mother's Day Tea, I think it's fitting that we also celebrate the Dads in the lives of our kiddos. We wrote diamante poems describing our dads to read aloud. The kids dressed up like rock stars and we decorated with a similar motif.

Here are some of the activities we made for our dads. I asked them to fill out a questionnaire-what does dad like, not like (many do not like the family dogs apparently :). I also asked them to make a collage picture of their fathers and write a simile to describe them. 

My Dad is as strong as a gorilla.

My dad is happy as sunshine.

My dad is as loud as a lion.

as tall as a moose

is as cool as a penguin

is as tall as the sun

cool as a rock star

handsome like Prince Charming

silly as a clown

I think it was an enjoyable morning. We had a great turnout. I do my activities first thing in morning and keep them brief, so if my parents do work, I'm hoping they can go in an hour late.

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  1. So sweet that you get to celebrate the dads too! I love the one about the ninja!

    1. My kids are obsessed with ninjas! :) I think it's having so many boys this year.

  2. I imagine those dads loved the whole thing. My kids answer questions about their dads too. I always love their answers.