Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The ABC's of Retirement

So one of my beloved colleagues is retiring after teaching for 35 years. I wanted my class to make something for her. We made the ABC's of Retirement-I assigned  each kid a letter and asked them to come up with something that began with that letter a grown-up could do with a lot of free time on their hands. These were their best ideas:

A is for app shopping.

I is for internet (I liked this because I thought for sure he'd go for the obvious "ice cream".

K is for Kangaroo-I love this one because she drew the teacher in the pouch! :)

Live-so simple. Just live.

Be Queen of the castle

R for Read-this illustration made me think of Charlotte's Web which ironically is a book
this particular teacher would read with her students every year.

Sign autographs. How's that for an original answer!

I hope she likes it and that it gives her some inspiration for what to do with all her free time now. :)

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  1. That's a very sweet idea. I like them all, but L is awfully perfect.

    1. I loved that one too! The student came up to me and said I have "L"and I'm having trouble of thinking of something. Can I just write live? And I was like-OMG that's perfect! :)