Sunday, May 1, 2016

Staff Appreciation

My Student Council group makes something for our staff to hang on their doors every year. Since we have been doing it for probably 10 years already it is hard to come up with creative ideas of what to do. This year's is not super-creative but hopefully it's the thought that counts! :)

We just took picture frames from Lakeshore with the adhesive backing and stuck it to craft foam with a chenille wand as the hanger. (Funny story-someone stole my Amazon package from my doorstep-I'm sure they were very disappointed it was only a box of craft foam. That's what you get for stealing from a teacher! :). Then they decorated it with Sharpies and shape cutouts. They also wrote some very meaningful notes on the back. I love listening them as they discuss their teachers-his favorite color is red, let's make his red. Or she is fancy, hers needs to be fancy. They know their teachers so well!

Just a little token of our appreciation but hopefully it will make them smile tomorrow when they come in to find the doorhangers on their doors!

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