Saturday, December 17, 2016

Gifts for Our Support Staff

I think it's important for our students to know and recognize the efforts of all the people who help us every day at school. We know all the names of the ladies in the cafeteria and address them using their names. I correct them when they just say "lunch lady". When we hire a new aide, my first question is to ask their name and introduce them my students. I read a quote years ago about how some people go their whole day without hearing anyone call them by their name. I want everyone to know they are special to us.

So we made handprint angels! The students painted their hands and then added a face (we did boy faces for our male helpers and girls for the females). I bought frames at the Dollar Store to frame them and wrote on the back "You are an angel-Merry Christmas". We gave them to the custodians, aides, cafeteria staff and crossing guards.

 Of course, I forgot to take pictures, I only have this one-they came out really cute! And I think the gifts were appreciated.

Did your kiddos make anything for staff gifts this year?

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  1. I've been much more aware of how I use names this school year, especially after reading Kids Deserve It! I like how you're helping your kids be more aware too.