Sunday, February 26, 2017

If I Were a Wordless Book.....

I LOVE wordless books! I love introducing them to my students because many of them have not read this genre of book before. It's harder to do a read-aloud with them, however, I stop periodically and help them make connections between the pictures and the narrative in their heads. There are many great titles, these are the ones we used this week:

Now after we read these books-I asked the students to think from the perspective of a wordless book. If I were a wordless book....(I would feel, see, believe, wish for, etc.). Of course, I got some who just wrote "I would have no words" or who wrote specifically about one of the stories-"I would make a snowman". But there were some students who dug deep and I was impressed by their answers.

I would feel weird because I have words in my title,
but not on my pages.

I like to be read by  Miss Trayers (love the detail in the illustration here-
down to the wheels on my chair).

I would live in the mall and I would be unlucky.

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