Saturday, February 4, 2017

Many Uses for Video Clips

Let's face it-our students are growing up in a much different generation of technology than we did. I grew up in the country in Pennsylvania. We didn't even have cable until I was in high school. I watched Sesame Street twice a day and that was about it. We rode our bikes everywhere, did chores, read books. For my students, their playtime often includes devices.

I want to incorporate those interests into my lessons. I use short video clips all the time. I used them to teach making inferences, as writing prompts, to foster discussions, and to answer questions.

I subscribe to The Kid Should See This site-they send videos each week on a plethora of different topics. This one I think is great to teach making inferences-you have to figure out what they are feeling and why they are doing things by their expressions:

This one to talk about kindness and empathy:

I use this one with the book Flight School to show sometimes you may have to change your dreams a little bit, but to never give up on them.

This TedTalk with an amazing parrot:

By the way the queen of finding great videos is Terri over at :

She has tons on her Pinterest page worth sharing with students!

That's where I found these (my students' favorite this year):

And to inspire our girls:

So whether you are teaching empathy and kindness, inspiring future leaders or just need an in-between activity---videos are perfect!

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  1. I enjoy videos too, although I need to use them more often. We watched one recently of snow at the Portland Zoo. I had my kids write what they thoughts the animals would say if they could talk. The kids loved it.