Monday, November 6, 2017

Gratitude Specified

As we enter the month of Thanksgiving we are working on putting into words what we are thankful for. Gratitude is something we practice in my class all year long. I try to be grateful every day for even the little things (we got an extra hour to sleep in yesterday and it wasn't as dark for my drive to work, for example). We have gratitude journals where we document maybe once per week what we are thankful for.

Now quite often I get frustrated with my students because they all have the same answers-I am thankful for my toys, for my playstation, etc. I want them to dig deeper-to think about the every day things they could be thankful for. So this year I gave them specifications-what are you thankful for that doesn't cost any money, what are you thankful for that you can't see, what are you thankful for at home/at school? We did it together as a whole group-I read the first column question and they wrote it and then we all moved on to the 2nd. Not bad for our first gratitude project! :)

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