Wednesday, November 1, 2017

New Versions of Cinderella

I shared different versions of Cinderella with my students:

(We are in Texas after all! :) 

Then I asked my students to create their own new version of Cinderella. Here's what they came up with:

Pretty Cinderella

Panda Cinderella

Rainbow Cinderella

Happy Cinderella

Fox Cinderella

Purple Cinderella

Cowboy Cinderella

City of America Cinderella

Astronaut Cinderella

Cow Cinderella

My favorite-School Cinderella. She could marry the "Prince"-a-pal (get it). 

Normal Cinderella


Rhyming Cinderella

Wedding Cinderella

(If it were later in the year and my students were better at sounding out their words, I would have had them flesh these out more-what did the character lose, how would the story change in their version. But many of my students are still mastering what I am calling "Brave Writing" where they can apply sounds to letters and sound out what they want to write.)

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