Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Literature About Artists

I have several budding artists in my class this year. I wanted to tap into those interests, so we did a thematic unit last week about artists and I wanted to share some of my favorite literature on the topic.

I was a huge fan of Keith Haring in the 80's and I never knew this story about him. What a generous person. A true artist making art for the love of art and not the love of money.

Kandisky was one of the forerunners of the abstract art movement. In a world of portraits and paintings of bowls of fruit, he wanted to do something different. The colors spoke to him. I thought this was a really beautiful story.

Ehlert is an author/illustrator and she goes through her methods to get the images she has used in her famous stories.

Matisse made art even after bedridden in his old age.

A fun book with illustrations on transperancies that make the children gasp. :) It's a story that shows the basis of surrealism in a very kid-friendly way.

We painted abstract art with watercolors. It was very hard for them to not just make suns and rainbows but they did a great job!

These are their surreal paintings. I asked them to think of something weird and different-outside reality. We looked at some paintings by Dali as well as Magritte.

This one was Kafka-esque to me. Imagine waking up with a horn. :) 

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