Monday, April 9, 2018

Who Inspires Us?

More than anything I want my students to be inspired. I try to show them videos daily of people like the Olympians and Steve Jobs. I read them stories about historical figures-presidents, civil rights leaders. I also read stories about lesser known heroes like Tree Lady and Manfish (about Jacques Cousteau).

For our class book this month, I asked them to write about the person who inspires them. I was hoping to get more Rosa Parks and less unicorns-but they did a great job. 

Here's what they came up with:

Unicorns inspire me because they are beautiful.

My Dad inspires me because he is a good Dad.

This one broke my heart. He is one of my struggling readers. "Readers inspire me because they can read words good".

"A boxer inspires me because my Dad is teaching me how to box".

My sister inspires me because she is in 2nd Grade and I want to be in 2nd Grade.

DJ's inspire me because they make a lot of money.

Artists inspire me because I love to paint.

She is our music teacher. :) 

Baseball players inspire me because you play and catch.

Miss Trayers inspires me because she writes perfectly.

Pizza lady inspires me because she makes good pizza.

Eric Carle inspires me because his books make me happy.

Frida Kahlo inspires me because when she gets sad she paints it out.

Teachers inspire me because they make people smart.

Our art teacher.

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