Friday, November 2, 2018

A Kindergarten Opinion on Refugees

With the midterm elections coming up next week, we have been learning all about the voting process and being good citizens. I like to use the book:

It's a long book and I usually only read parts of it, but the gist is that Bad Kitty is tired of all the stray cats in his neighborhood. He runs for President so he can get rid of them (sound familiar) ;).

We talked about what a refugee is and talked a little about current events and the "caravan" from South America. I asked them to consider whether or not we should let refugees into our country. I am very neutral when talking about anything political-my students do not know my feelings on the subject and I do not criticize their opinions, regardless of whether I disagree or not.

Most of them have big hearts and talked about letting them in, which is heartening for me because our children are our future after all. 

yes because we can change their mind.

This student changed his mind after he heard the other students' answer.

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