Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Snowman Civil Rights

With everyone going on in our world today I believe it is more important than ever to have those tough conversations when it comes to diversity and equality. I have read many social media posts over the past few days about people who teach young kiddos and they do not believe our students are capable of understanding these concepts or participating in these discussions. In my humble opinion, that is wrong. We need to start as early as we can laying the foundation with our students. And here is proof that they get it and can apply what they have learned.

I am not a teach about Dr. King only the week before the holiday type of person. We have read numerous books about figures in social justice (I looped with my group so this is my 2nd year with them). Today we discussed what civil rights were and why it is important that we all are treated equally. We watched a Brainpop video that included pictures from the past and from protests happening presently.

My students were asked to take that knowledge and apply it to what rights a snowperson would fight for. Snowman civil rights-what would their posters looks like?

We did not specifically talk about the posters from the news-this student knew that already.

She said she thought the snowman deserved life in the snow.

We need to make this stop. If we don't make this stop we are going to be mean persons but if we do everything we could be good people.

We should not be mean to people because it can be harder, even you can get hurt . We should not hit people we should treat them as a good person.

Not exactly a "civil right" but she said it was what she would like to have a right. :) 

I don't like that.

He drew a segregated school. 

I have always believed in introducing my students to diverse characters and conversations about current events. But now more than ever I think this is so important. Even with our young ones.

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