Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Now Presenting.... My Biography

Well, we had to try out making our books with markers to see if it worked better (it didn't by the way). So the kids kindly offered to write MY biography. It was interesting to see how they see their teacher growing up especially since most are very surprised to find out we were once babies ourselves. I will always remember the student who was shocked that I had a first name:

Student: But your name is Miss Trayers!
Me: Yes, but when I was little people didn't call me that, they called me by my first name.
Student: But your name is Miss Trayers!
Me: They didn't look into my crib and call me that as a baby.
Student: You were a baby??????

Anyway, here's what they came up with. I sure do tell them a lot of stories! :)

Can you tell we spend a lot of time at that kidney table? At least it's clean-not a real-life depiction. :)

I love it- "Pencil" Vania!

Ok-it's supposed to be llama and she really did. We were at the game preserve and my sister was under 2 years old-she fell asleep on one, we have pictures.

These are Texas babies, they are infatuated with anything snow.

No she didn't. Serious case of stage fright at the first recital. Parents don't like me telling that story to kids when they are nervous to perform-Miss Trayers didn't even have to go on stage...

Huge gymnastics career foiled by a wonky back handspring in 1st Grade.

No they didn't! The bubbles say "you are a boy". I often use this experience to help them deal with their own issues with other kids instead of tattling so much. When a girl comes up and says "he called me a boy" I tell them if they respond with an agreement it gives them nowhere to go with it. Fine, I'm a boy. Their goal is to make you mad, so don't get mad. It used to drive my sister crazy.

Ahem, that would be the '90's --- I'm not THAT old!!! :) (Apparently in a cooking class though-don't know why I have a big cooking mitt on my hand).

I just love that they did a GT frame in the middle!!!!

Yes she does!!!!!

Apparently taught them everything but when to use a "k" instead of a "c".

We did have some good times!

Yes she does!!!

They are working on their autobiographies now. I am very impressed so far-lots of different titles and authentic stories. We still have a lot of work to do, but I'll post them when finished.

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