Friday, February 4, 2011

Snowy Day Writing

Working in Texas, Snowy Days are a foreign concept for my kiddos. We have had light dustings; but nothing compared to what kids who live up North have experiences with. They don't know what a toboggan is or how to make a snow fort, or the fact that you have to get so bundled up in a snowsuit you end up walking like a penguin.

We read Ezra Jack Keats The Snowy Day and used a Double Bubble map to compare a snowy day to a sunny day (we certainly have our fair share of those). Then the students drew themselves ready for snow and wrote about what they would do.

Now I've had these kiddos since Kinder. When I first got them I was lucky if they could write their names. They certainly weren't writing sentences, even the advanced kids. It makes me so proud to see how far they have come. Their stories have titles, spelling is really coming along. I truly believe in "Kid Writing" not having them copy off the board or editing it and giving it back to them to copy over-but their real writing, real ideas. You can learn a lot by looking at their writing and I think you can guide them into becoming very creative writers that way.

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