Friday, June 10, 2011

Tooth Fairy

The subject is a sensitive one for me since my mother still won't let me live down the fact that I swore up and down I actually saw the tooth fairy when I was about 6! We'll be having a conversation today and she'll say, sure, I believe you...and you saw the tooth fairy too, right?!

My students look like a bunch of jack-o-lanterns with their lost teeth at this age. I was listening in on their conversation the other day and thought they came up with some pretty good questions about her. I'm kind of glad they didn't ask me, because I don't know how I would have answered them. It's interesting to me there isn't as much backstory for her as there is with Santa-maybe she needs a new agent! :)

 They asked:

What does she do with all those teeth? ( I mean, what can you do with teeth anyway? sell them on Ebay? :)

How do you get that job? (that interview has to be difficult-do they have to do a demo tooth/money switch? or are you born/married into it, like the "job" of being princess?)

When does she sleep? If China is sleeping when we're awake-she would have to work all day and night! There are kids all over the world, you know.

This was my favorite....Where does she get the money she leaves? (I mean does she invest in the market, is it that well-paying of a job? I'm guessing she may have hit hard times in this economy like everyone else. Although we used to get like a quarter per tooth-now the kids are getting like $10 - that's inflation for you!)

I just thought it was funny the way their little minds work. The questions they can come up....:)

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  1. My daughter, who just finished 1st grade, had a ton of questions about them all...Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, etc. In kindergarten, she had questions about: 1.time zones and how that affected Santa's delivery 2.Why did her presents from Santa say "Made in China?" 3.Why does he even want to deliver presents to children he doesn't even know anyway? 4. How is he living so long? Plus, about a 10 more that never occurred to me as I was growing up! As you see, it would be easy to weave a big tale of was just easier to tell her the truth. Same with the others...questions that were just too detailed to keep it going on. My four year old son is already asking difficult questions.