Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Speak for the....

We read the classic Lorax story today. After our discussion and multi-flow map to show cause and effect, I asked the kiddos to write about what they would "speak for". Now I emphasized the environment, but man they came up with some BIG ideas! They are aiming to speak for the down-trodden, the underdogs, even America itself. The other thing that struck me about their answers was these students do come from a more urban environment-they seem to have daily stressors in their lives that trump that of nature, which I completely understand.

I will speak for the grass and food and animals and I hope the polar bears are safe every time I do not feel of joy (I think she meant when she thinks about what's happening with the polar bears).

I will speak of the ocean, I would say trashbags are not full because people are littering in the ocean.

Awww-just warms your heart doesn't it.

Obviously an American Idol fan.

Again, so sweet.

I would stand up for my family and my chihuahuas and my mom and dad.

I will speak for America to protect from robbers.

I will speak for the kids because they are crazy.  :)

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