Thursday, February 23, 2012

What Jazz Looks Like

We've been jazzing it up in my classroom this past week. Introduced them to Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington and some of the other classic jazz musicians. The names of the instruments consisted of some great new vocabulary for them-in these days of Guitar Hero most of my kiddos didn't know what a trombone was. I played the music and then asked them to paint what the music looked like to them inside their minds. I really like the variations of ideas they came up with:

Jazz is the best music in the world because it's fantastic.

Jazz is cool music because I love music like this.

Jazz is pretty and cool and awesome [we are really trying to get away from using awesome, you'd think I have a class of Valley Girls or something] and the best music.

Jazz is the fun music because it is nice music I like the most.

Jazz is good music because it's perfect.

Jazz is the most fun music and the sound of it is pretty and I like it and love it.

Jazz get me moving, it is the outline of my heart.
Love the splatter paint look of this one-such a different idea! 
Jazz is part of my heart. It is like home.

Jazz is fun music. It makes me dance. I love it.


  1. Hi - I just found your blog and am your newest follower. I love seeing kid work. It just makes me happy. Come visit me sometime.
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  2. Thank you so much! Your blog is just so colorful and inviting. Too cute! Will be checking back for ideas often. Thanks again for taking the time to comment! :)