Wednesday, June 27, 2012

TED Talks

Not the Marky Mark's talking bear movie :). I know that most teachers have seen the videos here on TED I love to play them and just listen while I work on the computer.

It's a little long, Sir Kenneth Robinson's on creativity is one of my favorites-because it's funny and thoughtful at the same time:

And this one on what adults can learn from children:

An incredible tutoring project:

An African teen who built a windmill from spare parts:

But I also use them sometimes with my kids. Einstein the Parrot is one of their favorites-I can't imagine how long it took to train her to do that:

A great talk on following your interests and how amazing discoveries are still being made in the ocean, who knew an octopus has a sense of humor:

Who knew there were bats with long tongues-amazing ways technology has changed film making:

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