Friday, November 23, 2012

When Good Lessons Go Bad

Let me preface this story by saying I've done this in years past and it actually came out really cool. It's been one of my favorite projects to do throughout the year. 

We talked a lot in class about what Thanksgiving means, the original story of the tradition as well as counting your blessings. I gave the kids disposable cameras and asked them to take 3 pictures at home of things they are thankful for. I had bought 4 cameras, I have 26 kids. We started at the very beginning of November, it should have been plenty of time for each student to take pics. I really thought this was going to be a neat project. Oh, how the stars sometimes do not align! One camera came back with all 32 pictures taken on it by one student. One camera was lost altogether. The pictures that I did get developed were mostly grainy, too bright (like someone used a flash) or pictures of a polar bear in an ice storm. Four of my students were able to do this project with their pics.

Oh well, we adapt. Instead the ones who had no pictures come out drew their own. They made pictures of what they are thankful for and were supposed to write why, however you know how holiday excitement affects munchkins-they just want to be finished. I really wanted a meaningful response--not just toys and playstations and PSP's...but what do you have that some children in the world don't have. What are you thankful for?

I love that she was thankful for her bed.


  1. Oh no! I hate when great ideas go astray! I am glad you worked through it.

  2. It sounds like got your kids to do lots of thinking though about what they're thankful for, so that part's good:)
    I love the idea of taking pictures. I might get brave and try that next year. Take care!

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