Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Friendship Photo Project

I was so excited for our latest project. In honor of Valentine's Day coming up,  my kiddos took turns taking home a disposable camera with the assignment to take a photo of something that represented friendship or love to them. Some came out really, cute but feature family members, so I don't feel comfortable posting those here. But these are the others (some of the actual pics didn't come out-the ceiling was what was in frame or just really dark or blurry, so those kids just drew what they took a photo of):

My favorite-I think this photo came out very artistic-looking: "it reminds me of friends in my heart".

because if you get a new teddy bear, you love it.

because I like my friends (our workstation chart with all their pics)

sharing it with family

I love my sister and my brother.

because I love my granny (the original was of her cooking for him)

because she looks so cute. I feel happy.

is shows love.

I love my kitty.

Every time I look at it makes my heart happy.

they are happy, love is her.

I love flowers because they grow.

they are working together.

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