Thursday, February 7, 2013

Previously on Fairy Tales

I found the cutest little book to go with my fairy tale theme at the library. It's: 

The story recounts fairy tales basically backwards. Goldilocks was running from the house, previously she was sleeping in a strange bed. All the way back to what she was doing before she did a little breaking and entering. :)

I wanted the kids to think about the storybook characters over time-past, present, future. What was Cinderella like as a child? What would she grow up to become?

She stinks at college, as in, she didn't do very well.


  1. What a fabulous idea for a book. I love the extension you did with your kids.

    rubberboots and elf shoes

  2. Thanks Sandi! The book caught my eye simply because I thought it would be new vocab for them, lo and behold it even went with our theme for the week! :) Gotta love when that happens!

  3. Oh good! I'm glad it worked out for you guys. I love finding new treasures at the library! :)