Friday, April 19, 2013

Buddy Postcards

A bit of a crazy week this week! We did our Poetry Celebration for our parents (I had 19/26 families represented-my parents rock!). So it was practicing for that and then performing. We also had our one-on-one testing for TPRI. It's nice to see how much they've grown since the beginning of the year, but the especially the listening comprehension part, where I have to read them a passage and ask them questions---you get really, really, really tired of that story after reading it 26 times!

Well, we did manage to get some work done. I found this story that reminded me of my students. You see, we have "buddies" in our classroom. Mostly they are stuffed animals that I got from Kohl's. They can go home with a student who shows me Superstar behavior for the day.

So we read the book:

It's about a stuffed animal that gets lost, but soon the child starts getting postcards from all his adventures! He comes back a little bit different, but he does return. It's cute.

I asked my kiddos to write a postcard that one of our buddies would write if they got lost and what adventures they would have. I love that they thought of so many different places. Their writing has improved so much since the beginning of the year!

I like that the penguin went to Hawaii to get warm.

I'm originally from Pennsylvania, so this means they actually listen to my stories! :)

Oh and look at the beautiful crown one of my students made me. They said now I can be the Queen! :)

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